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Lara Ginhson is a professional photographer and director. After a ten-year period in London and Milan, she returned to Argentina to pursue her career. She has worked as assistant director under Tarsem, Bruce Webber, Shekar Kapur and Olivier Gondry, among other directors and photographers. This experience has led her to develop an accomplished sense of aesthetics, light, color and framing.

Lara´s work originates in organic matter: leaves, flowers, branches. She performs by retrieving their materiality, their shapes and transparencies, with the aim of transforming the object into an abstract, almost atmospheric image. Her procedure is to disassemble, to assemble again.The contrast of forms supplied by elements from nature allows her to deliver, by means of the “image – photography” device, an all-encompassing view of a minimal object, indicating a plot-course that may lead to be interpreted from a conceptual as well as a metaphorical basis, enhancing the aesthetics of beauty.

As from 2010 Lara is involved in developing her photographic projects, as well as producing socially-committed institutional works.